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Kawasaki Z1 website My website dedicated to Kawasaki Z2, Z1, Z1A, Z1B, Z900 and Z1000 motorcycles.


Japanese Classic Motorcycles WEbsite My website dedicated to all Japanese motorcycles.



Classic Italian Motorcycles Website One of my other websites dedicated to Italian Motorcycles. 

Midlands Royal Enfield Wem Shropshire      Midlands Royal Enfield in Wem, Shropshire. 


Ferrari 250 website - My friend, Stuart Anderson, has a website dedicated to his Ferrari 250 GTE / TRC.


Classic Motorcycles Ireland   Classic Motorcycles, County Wicklow, Ireland
Unfortunately, I think the guys at are no longer trading.
If I hear anything to the contrary, I will try to find their new link.


Steve Dunn - Triumph Bonneville   Steve Dunn - Artist - Paintings of Bikes.


Glyn Fisher - GJF Services   Glyn Fisher - GJF Services - Restoring Excellence.
Specialists in the reclamation, preparation and restoration of motorcycle parts.




Competition Ridge Arizona   Competition Ridge is a private race facility currently under construction in Arizona.
I am personally involved with this project.


Motorcycle Action Group Logo   Motorcycle Action Group.
UK Riders Rights Organisation.


Pitstop Motorcycles   Pitstop Motorcycles Limited, Lowton.
Sales, Spares and Servicing.


Shropshire Classic Sprayers   Shropshire Classic Sprayers.
Award Winning Paintwork for Motorcycles, Cars and Aircraft.
Proprietor - Rob Evans.


FairFuelUK - Fuel Tax in the UK   The tax on fuel in the UK is amongst the highest in the world. Help to change this by joining the FairFuelUK Campaign.


Craig Vetter Logo - Classic American Design.


Villiers Services   Villiers Services hold the the largest stock of Villiers spares in the World. 




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